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The Official Funny Thread


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Sometimes, we need a good laugh. Who doesn't? So, I made this thread. Share what makes you laugh, giggle, sends you into hysterics, and so forth! Be it a video, a gif, a meme, an amusing fact, post it here, make the forums laugh!  


I'll start by posting a classic. 



Proud ink being

Pearl <3 Bendy

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Guest Guest
A horse walks into a bar.


The bartender asks “Ya gonna order somethin?”


The horse, unable to understand English, then craps on the floor and leaves.


I appreciate good poop jokes. Thank you, good coyote! You made me legit chuckle into full blown laughter. You win the thread, imho.


Sometimes I walk into the kitchen. Sometimes I grab a snack. Often times I forget why I was even there. What am I? I'm 29 and a complete goose.


Another thing that makes me laugh is making my sister laugh so hard she rips a**. Legit made her do it 4 times to date since we got in contact in 2015. I'd say my jokes I make with one easily amused is on point. Now y'all can laugh at the fact someone laughs so hard they rip one. Thank you and good morning.


My last comment didn't mean to have the quote and the comment from the other post. DARNIT!



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