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This was a bad April Fools joke. 


Yesterday. I was approached by a representative of iterally.media (they are known for owning KnowYourMeme and eBaum's world). While originally not being interested in their offer to purchase Kinmunity, an offer was made in excess of $10,000 for the acquisition of the site and its contents. As of today, I have accepted that offer.


What this means


  • Beginning on 04/15/2019, the post editor will be updated to allow embedding content from KnowYourMeme.
  • Beginning on 04/26/2019, user accounts will be merged with KnowYourMeme accounts.
  • Effective 04/01/2020, the site will be owned by literally.media
  • For privacy reasons, member email addresses will be anonymized and removed from our database prior to 'handing over the keys'.


Naia Ōkami [ID] [KB] [KO]

Site Administrator & Founder


Kinmunity is supported as a labor of love by its

staff team, with contributions from users all over the world. If our community means something to you, please consider donating. Donations help off-set the costs to run the site, as well as fund new features!


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Guest Deleted member 226

I am a bit concerned personally, hopefully trolls don’t start to flood in and little kids don’t make a scene. However I hope all goes very well and the site can continue to improve and advance! ^.=.^


Oh wait



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