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Guess something about the user above you


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The title says most of it, but there is a rule; it can't be something they have in their profile or said in any of the forums. They can be totally random.


When or if the user comes back, they'll confirm if it's right or not. 




User A: (blah blah blah) 


User B: "I bet you really love apples!"


User A: "yep, you're right! They're my favorite fruit! 


I bet you like to read a lot!"



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I do indeed spend a tremendous amount of time reading and I have read some of Shakespeare, just not willingly. I find Shakespeare to be an important step in English literature but vastly overrated as literary works. The same issue I have with the Western fawning over the Greeks in academia or the romanticization of the Romans, @Jeb_CC.

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