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Different animal emojis?

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There are wolves, foxes, jaguars/leopards/cheetahs, dragons, and deer, but not much of anything else. There are a few other big cats, a female wolf variant, a cow, horse, some birds, and 4 sonic characters. I'd love for some insects, fish, dolphins, seals, bison, sharks, whales, frogs, lizards, and other such things to be implemented. Perhaps have some sort of thing where people can request new animals for emojis so everyone's happy because they can just request one?



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Reasonable emoji requests will be implemented if art is provided, but simply "I would like to see X" isn't productive. I am not an artist and we don't have an artist on staff who can commit to drawing every emoji that is requested. Emojis should be "square" shaped and a maximum of 32x32 pixels in size. They also must have a transparent background. .png and animated .gif only please. If it is desired, I can make an Emoji submission form.



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