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. I was just trying to help....


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I was going to post this on the Daily groan and vent thread, but it combined my last comment soooo here we are...


So basically, I was asked to help my sister bake cookies. Something I love to do.  First, we needed to clean the kitchen.  Not a problem.  it was my turn to do the dishes, so I started them.  I asked my sister to please unload the dishwasher, before anything else.  And she said to me, "Stop! Your not my boss!"  And my mom then came into the kitchen yelling at me saying to stop being bossy. MY TONE OF VOICE WASNT EVEN RUDE! like stop, get some help...  Then after m moms fit, Sophia, my younger sister, started to unload the dishwasher.  Several incidents happened after this, but the main one that filled me with rage was when I saw Sophia stupidly balancing Haley's (second younger sister) special tiger stick on a stair.  It would have fallen and broke.  At this point my mom had kicked me out of the kitchen and was instructed to fold the towels. so when I saw this I panicked, "Sophia! You cant put that there! it might-" "SHUT UP CLEO! All I hear come out f our damn mouth when your home is DONT DO THIS or DONT DO THAT!  Your such a controlling narcissistic brat that doesn't know how to keep their mouth shut!  You a weird freak that believes in all of this crazy crap that is stupid and dumb!  And I'm sick of it all!!! Go upstairs and finish you f***en Latin Homework!"  At this point I wanted to attack her, beat her up, put her in a triangle (I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu btw)!  And I know I shouldn't talk about my mom this way, but what happened next pissed me off, and I'm still cooling down from it.  


     "It is not YOUR right to tell me what I need to believe! It is my body!  and I can believe what I want and do what I want to feel normal in this world! you just-" 


     "How dare you!!!  How dare you talk to me like that!  As long as you live in this house YOU are Banned from talking to anyone that lives in this house about anything f**en kin related understand?  I don't want my other kids to end up as disappointments!  You say you are all of this crap! You say that yo have a tail! Wtf Cleo!  YOU. ARE. A. HUMAN!  How hard is that to understand? you think that you are in some innocent thing... Well let me tell you right now! your not in anything sweet or kind! You are in a demonic thing Cleo!  this is weird for you to like, do you need a mental hospital trip!??  If I ever see you with ears or a tail, you are grounded!  Even if you are 18 and you still live here!  I will not allow such disso honor!"  I was shocked, she had no right to talk to me like this! what the heck!  My mouth dropped.  At this point I had so much anger and rage in side me. "GO AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK!" so I listened to her.  I didn't want my father to be evolved in this argument...  I went in my room and eminently message [uSER=573]@Effervescent-Daydream[/uSER] that my mom pissed me off too XD...   So yeah.... here is the story dream....


( Btw she had gotten ahold of my kin journal... that is how she knew about the otherkin things...)


Ps  I am soooooo glad that she doesn't know that I have this website..... eeeeeeek that wouldn't end well....


If you guys want, I can make a more detailed story of this in my blog...?



From your loving Grey Wolf - Cleo/FoxChi  




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Like you said at the end of your post, these kinds of posts are journal-like, so they would be better kept in a blog. I'm going to lock this so you can make it into a blog post, if you'd like.


Thanks for understanding!


Edit: also feel free to post this to the daily groan thread if you'd rather not make a blog or blog post for it. Wanted to also suggest that!



- panthera onca -

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