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Unpopular Opinions?

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Disclaimer: Please don't post your unpopular opinions here. I do not want any arguments popping up.


I am genuinely curious how many people here have what would be described as strong unpopular opinions. Particularly about Otherkin in general.


Again don't post them here, because I don't want to get in trouble, but it'd be nice to know if people have opinions they might not share out of politeness, and that it would be reassuring to know they aren't alone in that.


I hope people don't see this as inflammatory behavior because that's not what I'm going for.


I figured this was the best place to post this.





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I appreciate the thought behind this thread, and not wanting to rile people up, but everyone has unpopular opinions, and since this thread doesn't discuss any of them anyhow (and could be answered in a poll instead, although there would need to be discussion in the thread the poll is in), and doesn't incite discussion beyond yes/no answers, I'm going to close it.


Thank you for understanding!



- panthera onca -

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