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Adding mods to clubs

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More than one people should be able to manage a club. If at any point a club becomes very large, the creator of the club is tasked with keeping an eye on the large amounts of posts entirely on their own. This could come with immense difficulty if said creator leads a very busy life. To make matters worse, if the creator were to ever go inactive or delete their account this would leave the group entirely unmoderated and un-updated.


It is for this reason that a group's creator should be able to add moderators to a group who could then have access to some of the club management privileges. These could include deleting posts that may break the rules and inviting members. The most important group setting though, such as group name and photo, should likely be left to the creator. 



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This feature already exists; go to the members section of your clubs. You can choose a member and make them a leader or a moderator. A leader has similar rights to you, but they can never remove the club founder from the club. A moderator has limited rights to moderate content and users!



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