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What is something you have thought you have lost


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Without becoming too philosophical and spiritual with the answer of "myself", something I did indeed lose and found again later, one of those things in my life I had lost? For myself, one thing was a sense of purpose. All people experience at least one period of being aimless but I truly did think for a time, well before now and in what almost was another life altogether if one were to compare the two, that there was anything to do in life. It had no seeming aim, no apparent angle or direction, just a purpose of existence for the sake of it. I really only ever found that after trying to orient myself toward a better lifestyle.



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Guest bhiurd

Uhh, uh-huh..


flips through files full of information on my messy life


Ahh, here's a good one-!


Love. Never thought I had the chance at real love. Happened one day, then I (regretfully) tossed it away for something I didn't care not even once about out of pity. Thought I lost that love forever - that blissful feeling, gone. Yet, I found it again, which to me is a miracle. Thank the gods it came back to me and this spark has yet to leave, and hopefully it won't any time soon. Learned my lesson, I believe.


Something more 'normal,' though? Uh, my tablet pen for digitally drawing. I always lose that stupid thing, and then find it again in some obscure place. Same goes for literally everything I own, actually. This house is a literal void that just eats everything I stg.



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When I was moving stuff off my computer to wipe the HDD clean to fix some lingering issues I had, I had moved a whole bunch of files filled with writings and details for my novels that I needed, but when I went to go find them later, I could find them at all, and I almost had a heart attack. I looked for hours through all my folders till finally I told my Husband what was happening and he pointed out that I wasn't using the same storage drive I had been using earlier, and low and behold it was right there in the first folder of the drive. 


I felt like the biggest idiot ever right then. 


Still have to organize my folders, even though it's been about a year and a half since that happened.





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