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What are you listening to right now?

Guest Mirath

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So, common interest here - music.


What I’m listening to right now is “Into Free” - the main menu music of the PS3 version of Dragons Dogma (sadly it isn’t on the PS4 version)





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"Burn" by FLOW


My roommate and I replayed through Tales of Berseria recently, and the opening is just an absolute banger. 


"Rivers in the Desert" by Lyn


I've also kinda had Persona 5's OST on loop for a while. This one's consistently been my favorite of the lyrical tracks, with Awakening and Will Power up there for instrumentals just due to being really cool.


"Hanezeve Caradhina" by Kevin Pelkin ft. Takeshi Saito


I was gonna only make it two but this track just hits me in every emotion I have. Like... it's such a gorgeous song. It almost feels magical... soothing and hopeful, and also a little sad. The lyrics are nonsense but there's still so many emotions behind them, it's truly incredible.



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I’m not usually an orchestral kind of person, but since finding one of their songs I’ve really come to like what they do.


They do song covers as well as their own songs.


This is one of my favourites by them - 





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I'm listening to the opening of Darling in the Franxx, "Kiss of Death," because I somehow haven't gotten sick of it yet. I do listen to other things as well, but I think this is the longest I've gone without getting sick of a song from listening to it on repeat for an obnoxiously long amount of time. I still haven't even watched the actual series.



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I'm always listening to something when I want to relax or just walk around.


Here's a soundtrack that is magical and whimsical and peaceful and fun and I find it to have many powerful and moving songs in it that go with the flow of the game it was created with. It leaves you in a world all of its own and takes you on an adventure you wouldn't simply stumble into ordinarily.


The music is light hearted and playful at times and meaningful and soulful all around. It has a track with vocals in it as well.






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