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Updates (09/04/2019)


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While you probably weren't looking, we've been hard at work making updates to Kinmunity to ensure we remain the best alterhuman community on the internet. 


New(ish) features


  • Wolf Howl Mastodon instance / social network is now open to the public!
    Wolf Howl is a Mastodon instance which particularly caters to members of the alterhuman community, including, but not limited to: otherkin, fictionkin, therians, vampires, plural systems, furries, and the other hearted.
    Wolf Howl is a social network that functions in a way similar to Twitter. Users are able to micoblog using 500 character awoos. Unlike Twitter, Wolf Howl supports advanced privacy and security options, content warnings, and more.
  • Wolf Howl is part of the greater fediverse. Wolf Howl users can interact with users from other servers that are part of the fediverse. 
  • While Wolf Howl is a service provided to the public by Kinmunity, it does not utilize the Kinmunity Passport authentication system. Wolf Howl registration and login is separate from Kinmunity. This is intentional.
  • Keybase Support is included at launch. You can see an example here: naia's wolf howl, naia's keybase.




[*]The KinShop is back.

    Users will now earn bones for posting and other events again, as they did prior to the system being disabled.
  • Rulesets involving the KinShop have been re-enabled.


[*]Affiliate program has launched. Affiliation applies a higher level of cooperation and agreement between communities than simply being a member of the ambassador program. Affiliated communities will work closely together with Kinmunity in order to strengthen availability and quality of alterhuman resources on the internet. Affiliates are listed distinctly in our links directory and a mutual promotion agreement exists between Kinmunity and its affiliates.

Wolf Howl has been automatically admitted into the program, as it is a subservice of Kinmunity.


[*]Our instant messaging and on-site chat service has been updated; primarily in the form of interface improvements.


[*]As has been long suggested by our members, our Discord server has been revived and is operating at full capacity. 


[*]Full searching of your private conversations is now possible.



Bug Fixes


  • Several bugs regarding loading of messages within the on-site instant messaging and chat system have been fixed.
  • Several bugs impacting our Links Directory have been fixed.
  • Bugs impacting the use of the KinShop have been fixed.
  • Several speed and stability improvements have been made; the site should load faster throughout use, including during periods of high traffic.
  • Several security improvements have been made. 





We are aware of issues still effecting the KinShop. Please be patient as we debug these.



Naia Ōkami [ID] [KB] [KO]

Site Administrator & Founder


Kinmunity is supported as a labor of love by its

staff team, with contributions from users all over the world. If our community means something to you, please consider donating. Donations help off-set the costs to run the site, as well as fund new features!


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